There's a buzz about TRIBE

I've just recently moved to Seattle and it has been hard for me to find a new home away from home. I've been doing yoga for the past 5 years and tried 4 different studios already and none felt like a good fit for me. Then Zenrez sent me a suggestion to try TRIBE. It was love from the first sight. Everything about this studio is just right - space, people, atmosphere, smiles all around, challenging workouts, variety of options offered, pride the studio has in its instructors, the never ending flow of energy. This is my new zen. After 3 months I still run here happily after a work day to spend time with myself and try something new.

~Katya H.


Tribe is a great, friendly spot for regular full-body work outs that keep you interested. I have been really pleased so far. I am about half way into my first month and am convinced this is something I'll keep doing as long as I'm living near the studio.

The main class they offer is on the reformer- a resistance machine that becomes pretty easy to use after your first class or two (even if you don't have great balance, which I don't!). There are great barre classes too. I haven't tried the others yet but I'm sure I will soon.

Everyone is friendly- from staff to other attendees (even during the early morning classes!), and they're patient with new learners without de-riding the rest of class of experienced folks. As a runner this is a great balance to make sure I don't kill my hips and knees. Thanks, Tribe!

~Julia M.


Ease of use is key, and sign-up and sign-in for classes is great! This is my first time using the Reformer and I'm kind of a fan. James teaches Stretch and Tone (low-impact reformer class) and makes the classes so accessible, and he's very helpful in tweaking form to make sure you're hitting all the right muscle groups. I also really like that he asks before class if there's any areas in particular that attendees would like to target. I don't feel like I'm killing myself during the workout, but I'm definitely feeling it the following day or two, so I KNOW I'm getting a good workout. Win-win!

~Stefanie R.

The instructors are incredibly knowledgable. The classes are fun and I always leave satisfied. Tribe offers the variety of classes I'm looking for: strength training, stretching, cardio, conditioning. The environment at Tribe is always warm, friendly, and inviting. Everyone from the front desk to the instructors is engaging and cares about the well being of Tribe members.

~Phillip K.


I absolutely love TRIBE and all their instructors! They offer a very wide variety of classes that are all fun, engaging, and challenging. Each instructor brings their own personality, music, and energy to class for a varied approach to fitness – no two classes are ever the same. Get your cardio in with Jumpboard and Cardio Kickboxing; get strong at Power Reformer and Power Barre; and get abs at Mat Blast. I used to run 25-30 miles per week as my only exercise and it kept my weight down, but I never looked toned until I started going to TRIBE just over a year ago. Another great benefit is that it also has reduced the injuries that I used to get from running. Highly recommend!

~Erika M.


Just ONE class and I already LOVE:  
1)  The number of classes and range of times to choose from.
2)  How efficient the Power Reformer total body work out is.
3)  The instructor's encouraging assistance to everyone in the class.
4)  How clean and organized the whole facility is -- exercise space, washroom, etc.
5)  The extra nice touch of fresh fruit!

~Jill K.


I appreciate the quality of the instructors, the cleanliness of the studio, the friendliness of the staff each and every time I come in. I also have noticed how welcoming and warm Shana is towards new members when they show up for their first Pilates class. I remember how intimidating it was when I started out on the Reformer, so I can certainly identify with the trepidation a newbie feels. Shana has a knack of putting people at ease. I love Leslie's yoga class and how we've sort of become like a "family" in that back studio area on Tuesday & Thursday mornings. Marlys is a gem and seems to really KNOW the human body and what's best for it. All-in-all, I am thoroughly happy with Tribe.

~Susie N.

I LOVE the online scheduling. I love that you're friendly and kind. I love that I feel stronger. I love that you are 4 blocks from my house :)



I've lived pretty much across from this place for months and never knew it existed, but I'm glad I found it! I've been to two reformer pilates classes with different instructors now and they had very different styles but were both great! They are also very accommodating with personal adjustments for injuries/pregnancy. The studio is beautiful, service is great and the classes are just the right size so everyone gets attention. Highly recommended!

~Janet N.


Love TRIBE. Have been going for 5plus years, the longest I have gone anywhere. The instructors are knowledgeable, fun, precise, creative, friendly. There are a variety of classes so one never gets bored or in a rut. The classes are small so there is individual attention if needed. There is a sense of community and I now have social friends from there. The best place ever!!

~Fonda C.


James was a great and lively instructor! He was curious about my needs, implemented those focus areas into the class and had wonderful energy! He has been teaching for 10 years and used to be a dancer so he was able to bring out his own personality and grace as he taught. The class was a great for stretching and opening up sore muscle areas (especially after a long day of work) The staff have all been fun to talk to and very welcoming. I am so happy to have found a down to earth studio near me :)

~Megan A.


The classes are great and challenging yet scalable to something anyone can do. Each and every instructor is awesome in their own way, super knowledgeable, helpful, and always friendly.