Let’s work your entire body

with our total-body, better-body, high intensity classes.

If you’re up for the challenge, our signature group of classes will help you build a rock-hard body and increase your strength in countless, everyday-awesome ways. So, which of the experiences below best fits your definition of fitness?


Power Reformer

Please note: this class is not suitable for those who are sustaining injuries or pregnant. Grip socks required (available for purchase).

Power Reformer is our signature class and is what sets TRIBE Fitness apart. It is a very unique workout that combines strength training at an unapologetic pace, with the core and balance training of a reformer. The pace will keep your heart rate elevated for the full 50 minutes to maximize full-body strength and ensure a high-intensity cardio workout. If you’re looking for Pilates, this isn’t the class. But if you want lean, toned muscles, strength, endurance and fat-burning, this workout is for you. Structured in 15 minute increments covering upper body, legs and core, Power Reformer works every muscle and boosts metabolism, helping you to jack the gravitational forces that even the most dedicated men and women face every day. Space is limited to 10 TRIBE members per class. 



Power Reformer Lite

Please note: Grip socks required (available for purchase).

Interested in Power Reformer but just starting out? No sweat. (Well, okay. Maybe a little.) Why not consider the Power Reformer Lite? It’s a “lite” version of our most sought-after, signature class, designed to help you fight the force—but with a little less intensity. Space is limited to 10 TRIBE members per class. 





What is FiiTRX? Fun, Inclusive, Intense TRX. A challenging 50-minute full body workout incorporating TRX, weights, cardio, and sheer determination. Your body will love it!

Dry sneakers recommended.




Power Barre

This class blends together the best of Pilates, dance, yoga, core conditioning, and body sculpting. Get a complete body workout through a high energy and low impact class that tones your muscles with isolated movements, isometric exercises, orthopedic stretches and light weights complimented by a continual fat burning process. This class tones your seat, abdominals, thighs, arms as well as strengthens your legs, back, and improves your posture. You will use our own body weight for resistance targeting each of your muscle groups to the point of fatigue. Then, you will stretch those muscles in a way that promotes long and lean muscle growth developing a long and lean physique.

Classes utilize light weights, exercise balls, bands and, of course, TRIBE's ballet barre, to lengthen and align the body. Space is limited to 12 TRIBE community members.

If your goals include rock-solid glutes, toned and shaped calves, super-cut arms and a great chest (IOW, the bod of a God), then reserve your spot for Power Barre today. We’d love to have you! Grip socks recommended (available for purchase).





Originally developed by Navy Seals, this full-body workout is performed with suspension training equipment that, by design, helps to isolate specific muscle groups and optimize their potential. It’s a super-concentrated, highly effective workout that blends strength training and cardiovascular conditioning for serious military-grade might and muscle. Space is limited to 12 TRIBE members per class. Sneakers recommended.