Amy Lenhardt; Fitness Director at TRIBE Fitness in Seattle, WA

Ron Moodey  

General manager

Fitness is such an important part of life. We all need to get stronger, move better, and eat healthier. It is very rewarding to make this process motivating, successful, and fun for all types of people, and see the changes in their life. 

I moved to Seattle from California in 2011 specifically to work with TRIBE Fitness (when it was called LAB5 Fitness) because it was the concept I felt strongly was the way to accomplish this.  As the manager, I want TRIBE Fitness to be a community for everyone, from all walks of life. Together, this community can get strong, move well, eat healthy, feel better, and look fabulous. 

I want TRIBE to have a fitness that is balanced, fun, motivating, and successful for everyone. Thank you for being a part of TRIBE Fitness.

Alan Brown; Owner of TRIBE Fitness in Seattle, WA

Aaron Hundley

assistant manager



Alan Brown


I’ve worked out in gyms all my life, but I began growing tired of the same old routine—and the tedium that came with a solitary experience. So, on a recommendation from a friend, I joined Lab5 shortly after it opened and, after just one class (a TRX/Barre class I’ll never forget), I was hooked.

I soon began attending more classes, including Power Reformer, HIIT Cardio, Cardio Reformer and others.  I loved the instructors, the members and the results I was seeing.

Fast-forward to 2016, where, upon learning of the studio’s possible sale, I did some inquiring and decided to buy it myself.

As the new owner, I am committed to creating a client experience that is unique and beneficial, and an environment where passionate instructors are motivated and fulfilled.



Leslie Woodward; Yoga Instructor at TRIBE Fitness in Seattle, WA

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Jaina Cole; Personal Trainer, TRX & Tabata Instructor at TRIBE Fitness in Seattle, WA

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