Amy Lenhardt; Fitness Director at TRIBE Fitness in Seattle, WA

Ron Moodey  

General manager

As General Manager, I’ll be overseeing the entire TRIBE operation, always working to ensure a superior member experience.

Alan Brown; Owner of TRIBE Fitness in Seattle, WA

Aaron Hundley

assistant manager



Alan Brown


I’ve worked out in gyms all my life, but I began growing tired of the same old routine—and the tedium that came with a solitary experience. So, on a recommendation from a friend, I joined Lab5 shortly after it opened and, after just one class (a TRX/Barre class I’ll never forget), I was hooked.

I soon began attending more classes, including Power Reformer, HIIT Cardio, Cardio Reformer and others.  I loved the instructors, the members and the results I was seeing.

Fast-forward to 2016, where, upon learning of the studio’s possible sale, I did some inquiring and decided to buy it myself.

As the new owner, I am committed to creating a client experience that is unique and beneficial, and an environment where passionate instructors are motivated and fulfilled.



Marlys Yvonne_copy

Leslie Woodward; Yoga Instructor at TRIBE Fitness in Seattle, WA

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Ashleigh Shane_copy

Shanna Davis; Pilates & Yoga Instructor at TRIBE Fitness in Seattle, WA

Melinda Ritchey_copy

Jaina Cole; Personal Trainer, TRX & Tabata Instructor at TRIBE Fitness in Seattle, WA

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