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Aerial Conditioning

In this aerial class you’ll use a low-flying, soft fabric sling to support your body as you explore yoga postures and key Pilates principles on the floor—and in the air. (C’mon! You can do it!) Our Aerial Conditioning class is a blast, designed to strengthen your core and upper body, while cultivating balance and exercising your full range of movement with guided support. Class emphasis is placed on breath awareness, dynamic alignment and efficiency as a source of power. Embrace gravity—and defy it. Grip socks recommended (available for purchase).



Cardio Dance

Crush calories, improve coordination, and build core strength in a class that’s part killer workout, part high-energy dance party. Cardio Dance features easy-to-follow aerobic dance moves set to pulse-pounding music, along with muscle-toning burpees, tricep dips, and down-and-dirty glute work. In 50 minutes, you’ll get a complete cardiovascular and strength workout, and maybe a few new moves to use at the club. No previous dance experience necessary!



Cardio Kickboxing

Wanna release some stress? Lose some inches? Tone your arms, hips, waist and glutes? If so, this creative kickboxing class is for you.

Cardio Kickboxing combines dance, kickboxing and kung fu for a whole lotta heart-happy fun. The class is similar to Tae Bo, but provides a groovier, higher impact fitness experience. Join us and you’ll learn various kicks, strikes and combinations, while burning over 500 calories!

Dry shoes and an iron will are highly recommended.




What is FiiTRX? Fun, Inclusive, Intense TRX. A challenging 50-minute full body workout incorporating TRX, weights, cardio, and sheer determination. Your body will love it!

Dry sneakers recommended.



HiiT Cardio

HiiT class will be sweaty, challenging, exciting and FUN. This high intensity interval training class will start with a dynamic warm up, followed by an ideal mix of strength and conditioning moves interspersed with cardio bursts (aerobic and anaerobic). Each burst will target different parts of the body, and because of the Tabata timing, it makes it easier to push yourself as hard as possible for 40 seconds. Dry sneakers recommended.



Mat Blast

Wanna blast your midsection into shape? This is the Pilates class for you! Using traditional Mat Pilates protocols (the use of exercise mats instead of traditional Reformer equipment), light weights, resistance bands, and standing exercises, you’ll strengthen your body, define muscle, jump start your metabolism, burn fat, and increase your flexibility. All it takes is a little resistance and counter-resistance—and a whole lotta yes I can. Grip socks recommended (available for purchase).



Power Barre

This Barre class blends together the best of Pilates, dance, yoga, core conditioning, and body sculpting. Get a complete body workout through a high energy and low impact Barre class that tones your muscles with isolated movements, isometric exercises, orthopedic stretches and light weights complimented by a continual fat burning process. This class tones your seat, abdominals, thighs, arms as well as strengthens your legs, back, and improves your posture. You will use our own body weight for resistance targeting each of your muscle groups to the point of fatigue. Then, you will stretch those muscles in a way that promotes long and lean muscle growth developing a long and lean physique.

Classes utilize light weights, exercise balls, bands and, of course, TRIBE's ballet barre, to lengthen and align the body. Space is limited to 12 TRIBE community members.

If your goals include rock-solid glutes, toned and shaped calves, super-cut arms and a great chest (IOW, the bod of a God), then reserve your spot for Power Barre today. We’d love to have you! Grip socks recommended (available for purchase).



Power Reformer

Please note: this class is not suitable for those who are sustaining injuries or pregnant. Grip socks required (available for purchase).

Power Reformer is our signature class and is what sets TRIBE Fitness apart. It is a very unique workout that combines strength training at an unapologetic pace, with the core and balance training of a reformer. The pace will keep your heart rate elevated for the full 50 minutes to maximize full-body strength and ensure a high-intensity cardio workout. If you’re looking for Pilates, this isn’t the class. But if you want lean, toned muscles, strength, endurance and fat-burning, this workout is for you. Structured in 15 minute increments covering upper body, legs and core, Power Reformer works every muscle and boosts metabolism, helping you to jack the gravitational forces that even the most dedicated men and women face every day (and look great naked). Space is limited to 10 TRIBE members per class. 



Power Reformer/Jumpboard

Please note: Grip socks required (available for purchase).

Simply put, Power Reformer/Jumpboard is aerobic version of Power Reformer. And here’s what makes it so fun—and so challenging: 

Using an attachment that converts your traditional Pilates Reformer into a horizontal jumping machine, you can, with one, quick adjustment to the attachment’s spring tension, jump (again, horizontally) on your reformer as if it were the floor. Cool, huh?

Welcome to Power Reformer Jumpboard, a choreographed cardio routine that uses the principles of Plyometrics to build speed and power through activation of the fast-twitch muscle fibers in your quadriceps. 

In this class, you’ll challenge your core, elevate your heart rate, improve coordination, burn calories and strengthen muscles. Space is limited to 10 TRIBE members per class. 



Power Reformer Lite

Please note: Grip socks required (available for purchase).

Interested in Power Reformer but just starting out? No sweat. (Well, okay. Maybe a little.) Why not consider the Power Reformer Lite? It’s a “lite” version of our most sought-after, signature class, designed to help you fight the force—but with a little less intensity. Space is limited to 10 TRIBE members per class. 



Reformer Pilates

Please note: Grip socks required (available for purchase).

This classic Pilates Reformer class focuses on the body as a whole, to increase flexibility, strength, balance, agility, create a stronger core, improved mental well-being and a fuller range of motion. All while turning the abdominal muscles, lower back and hips into your body’s powerhouse.

Because Reformer Pilates is a non-impact, balanced technique, it’s great for just about anyone—from the super-fit, to beginners to those coming back from an injury. Space is limited to 10 TRIBE members per class.



Reformer: Tone & Stretch

Please note: Grip socks required (available for purchase).

This class is a great way to get going with the TRIBE. We’re talkin’ low-intensity exercise that incorporates traditional Pilates principles, including, some mild strength training and lots of stretching using the unique Pilates reformer springs to lengthen you out. 

Seriously, friend. If you’re looking for a stress-free intro, a man or woman rehabilitating an injury, or simply someone who wants to focus more on stretching and workout recovery, Tone & Stretch is the place to be. Space is limited to 10 TRIBE members per class. 



Strong and Lean

Strong and Lean is an exciting class that is specifically programmed to increase your strength and cardiovascular fitness. We start with strength-specific programming, progressively training fundamental movements: Squat, Deadlift, Pressing and Pulling in various angles. We finish with higher intensity sets of a variety of movements and cool fitness implements including kettlebells, TRX, and medicine balls to to build your aerobic work capacity. It can be tough, but everyone can do this, and the results will be true strength, and a lean, highly functional, athletic body. Sneakers recommended.




Originally developed by Navy Seals, this full-body workout is performed with suspension training equipment that, by design, helps to isolate specific muscle groups and optimize their potential. It’s a super-concentrated, highly effective workout that blends strength training and cardiovascular conditioning for serious military-grade might and muscle. Space is limited to 12 TRIBE members per class. Sneakers recommended.




This class introduces the Tabata style of highly effective interval training developed by a team of researchers from Japan. A truly amazing option, the format incorporates short burst of intense effort for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second rest period. Tabata interval training will use a variety of equipment and variations so you never get bored. Sneakers recommended.



Tabata TRX

Tabata is a proven effective and demanding method of interval training that can seriously supercharge any TRX workout.

Our Tabata TRX class is a full-body workout that uses your body weight, TRX resistance-training straps, sand bags, kettlebells, a rip trainer (an innovative resistance cord system that creates a variable, unbalanced load, enabling you to develop core strength, explosive power, flexibility and endurance) and dumbbells to maximize muscle strength and get your heart rate up and running royally.

Tabata TRX is high-intensity interval training, friends, and it follows a very specific format: 20 seconds of super-high intensity exercise (think sprints), followed by ten seconds of rest, then repeating eight times, all in a total of four minutes. Yeah, it’s hard work, but hard work makes for a harder, happier camper.

So…who’s in?

Sneakers recommended.



Power Yoga Flow

Power Yoga Flow classes take the basic yoga postures and links them through breath, movement and music for an amazing physical and uplifting experience that will totally get your groove on. This yoga class encourages balance, gratitude, and strength to aid in opening areas where release is needed while combining movement matched with the breath.

Power Yoga Flow is perfect if you like your yoga practice to feel like a dance. Over time, movement in the sequence becomes more fluid, the mind is able to relax and the practice becomes a moving meditation. Who knew?




This gentler Yoga class is designed to promote a nurturing environment for practitioners at any level. This class will explore basic yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditation strategies for deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Each posture will be synced to rhythmic breathing to create a gentle moving meditation. This class encourages balance, gratitude, and strong body awareness through proper alignment and spinal stability. The moderate flow of the class will build a heat in the body to promote opening in the body and mind. Come flow with us, TRIBE style. Please bring water, towel and a smile.