1. Do I need to arrive early for my first class?
Yes. Please arrive at least fifteen (15) minutes before class to fill out the necessary paperwork, purchase grip socks and allow the instructor or staff to get you acquainted with the Reformer or other equipment.
2. Where can I park?
A. Mercer & Broadway: Diamond Pay Lot
B. Neighborhood Parking (East & West of Broadway): Zoned parking; 2 hours max 7am-8pm (Monday-Saturday), Free on Sundays & Holidays
C. City-Street Parking: Free parking 6-8am Monday-Saturday, Free on Sundays & Holidays
D. Public Parking in QFC garage
E. Public Parking in Joule building10th Ave.
F. (Between Mercer & Roy): Diamond Pay Lot G. 10th Ave. (North of Roy): Mixed street parking; 2 hour maximum/NO PARKING RESTRICTIONS
3. How should I prepare for class?
A. Members are required to wear grip socks on the Reformer. We suggest ToeSox with grips that can be purchased at the front desk for $16.00 + Tax.
B. Please bring water and stay hydrated. Your body and skin will thank you. There is a water filter available to fill up your water bottle.
C. Dress in fitness-like clothes that are comfortable and allow movement. No pants/tops with zippers on the Reformers please!
D. Because jewelry can catch in the Reformer springs and cause personal injury we strongly encourage items be removed prior to class. Members wearing jewelry when using any piece of studio equipment do so at their own risk.
E. Please store cell phones in cubbies during classes either silenced or off.
F. Keep perfumes to a minimum. Some members have allergies and may be sensitive to smells.
G. Hair ties are necessary to manage long hair.
H. No zippers on your pants, please (they damage the reformers).
I. Most importantly, bring a positive attitude and be prepared to explore the benefits of TRIBE’s training and the benefits our methods offer.
4. How often should I attend to get the best results?
Attending three to four times a week is recommended. Whether recovering from injury, improving sports performance, or looking for a program to increase strength and flexibility, our instructors design workouts of varied intensity to the meet the goals of every TRIBE Member.
5. How soon will I see results?
You will begin to feel a difference right away, and should start seeing results around 10 sessions, depending on how often you attend.
6. Are purchases refundable or services transferable?
Sorry. All purchases are final and services non-transferable.
7. What if I can't come to class after signing up? Will I be charged?
A. Signing up is important & we recommend reserving a space in class–though it is not required.
B. To encourage accountability when using our reservation system, members will be charged a penalty for missing class. Classes fill up, please only reserve a spot if you can attend.
C. We require at least twelve (12) hours notice to change your schedule without penalty.
D. Classes changed within the twelve (12) hour window are considered a ‘Late Cancel’ (please see Policies & Terms for more details)
E. LATE TO TRIBE: A registered member cannot join class seven minutes after the scheduled start time. New members, MUST arrive 15 min EARLY regardless. There are no exceptions.
8. I am interested in becoming a VIP Member. What does this mean?
VIP Membership is a discounted auto-pay membership that charges your monthly dues to the credit card on file, and also automatically renews the contract upon expiration. 12-month and 3-month commitment options are available. After the commitment period is over, members may cancel anytime by emailing fourteen (14) days before their next billing date.
9. May I freeze my membership due to injury or vacation?
Unless in the case of an injury, Intros, monthly packages (pay as you go), VIP 3-Month Commitment, and TRIBE Pak suspensions/extensions/pro-rates are not granted- no exceptions. 
VIP Unlimited Members with a 12-Month Commitment only are allowed a freeze on their account for up to two (2) months per year, at a minimum of two (2) weeks at a time, for any reason.
10. Does TRIBE offer any added incentives?
Yes! TRIBE offers rewards you through our Perkville points system. Members earn points by attending classes, referring new members, re-posting Facebook check-ins or Twitter tweets, and more! These points are then applied to rewards such as free merchandise, discounted memberships and even free classes to our loyal members!