First, Get Stronger

By Ron Moodey


What is your goal?

Lose body fat?                                               
Build lean muscle?
Keep a high metabolism?
Get healthier?
Live longer?

The Data: Whether your goal is to get lean, build muscle tone, or keep a high resting metabolism, strength training has been proven to be the permanent solution. A recent article in Time Magazine cited new studies that highlight powerful health and longevity benefits from strength training: increase of bone density; control of blood sugar in people with prediabetes, and Type II Diabetes; and reduction of low-grade inflammation in the body, a known risk factor in cardiovascular disease and Type II Diabetes. These are powerful results that come from a foundation of strength training in your fitness routine.


Takeaway: As you plan your fitness schedule, in addition to your cardio, stretching, and HIIT workouts, make sure you include at least two, preferably 3 quality full-body strength training workouts per week to receive the above benefits. At TRIBE Fitness, we specifically designed our Power Reformer workout to be a true, strength training workout. All your muscle groups will be worked to near-failure in a slow, controlled manner with impeccable form. The intensity is high, due to minimal rest, but the real focus is building strength. If you haven’t tried it, why not book yourself next week? Just let the instructor know you’re new, and we’ll make sure you are get extra attention. Try to take this class 2-3 times a week for a true, fundamental foundation of progressive strength training. You will see some powerful results!


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