Instructor Spotlight- Marlys Yvonne!


*New Power Reformer Lite Class time: Tuesday/Thursday 12pm!

Since her first day at TRIBE last year, Marlys has quickly become a client favorite. Her methodical and technical approach guarantees a challenge in all of her classes, from Tone & Stretch to Power Reformer. She is on the schedule 4 days a week, but be sure to sign up ahead of time! Her classes tend to fill up quickly!

Originally from: Baltimore, Maryland

Currently live: Capitol Hill, Seattle

Everything you teach (are certified in): 
Traditional Reformer, Mat, and equipment Pilates, Power Reformer, Barre

Other job(s)?: Art producer, performer/dancer, curator

When/where did you first discover Pilates?: 
When I was dancing in San Francisco - I got fractured a rib and was told to stay still + lay down for up to 2 months.... my Physical Therapist suggested Pilates. It was the only thing that allowed me to recover and actually come back to dancing stronger than I was before.

Favorite class you teach: 
Reformer Pilates - it's a classic for a reason. 2nd favorite is Power - I like to push clients to their max. 

Favorite past time: 
Long walks, reading, exploring my surroundings

None currently - all of my hobbies have become part of my job(s). I'm an all-in kind of person ...

Something not many people know about you: 
My dad is a musician and instrument maker in Canada, I have my own tune called Marlys Norman's Reel. 

Mantra: "Create + Discover"

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