Instructor Spotlight- James Dorfer!


TRIBE is so happy to introduce our newest instructor, James! He is a brand new Seattle-ite, coming to us from Los Angeles. His classes are equal parts fun and torture, with some dry humor sprinkled in. :) You don't want miss him, Wednesday nights at 6:30pm (Reformer Pilates) and 7:30 pm (Tone and Stretch), starting 11/2/16!

Originally from: Ft Lauderdale

Currently live: Cap Hill

Everything you teach (are certified in):
Pilates, myofascial rolling, massage therapist. Apprentice for antigravity yoga.

How did you first discover Pilates?: Somehow I started dancing at 22. The university I was at suggested I take their conditioning class which was a fusion of Pilates, Gyrotonics, and Ballet floor work

Favorite class you teach: Reformer Pilates

Favorite past time: I have this thought that sleep is America's favorite pastime and not baseball. For me it's Volleyball (but sleep is a close second)

Hobbies: Reading, Board Games, Dancing, just staying active

Hidden talent: I can crack my fingers really quickly

Something not many people know about you: I once had hair.

Mantra: "Breaking down movement to their simplest form can be very challenging work...but well worth it." 

Anything else you might want the Tribe members to know about you: I'm a fun and jovial anatomy nerd that will make you work!