Instructor Spotlight- Jessie Marie Smith!


Jessie has been a TRIBE (LAB5) favorite since our opening in 2011. Her technique, music, and humor are second to none, and we love her for that. :) Don't miss her EXTREMELY popular TRX&BARRE and Kickboxing classes Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings!

Originally From: New Jersey

Currently live: Queen Anne, Seattle

Everything you teach/ are certified in: Pilates Mat, All Reformer, Fitness Kickboxing, TRX, Barre, Shaolin Kung Fu and Self Defense

How did you discover Pilates?: I taught Fitness Kickboxing for 16 years in gyms from Olympia to Seattle.  I started finding interest in other conditioning classes such as Boot camp and TRX, Barre, pilates and Aerobics.

Favorite classes you teach: Power Pilates and TRX Barre

Favorite past time: I love to Dance!  You all know that already!  I've been taking Afro Brazilian dance classes currently to satisfy my soul.  Someday I'll get back to Flamenco dancing as well.

Hobbies: Music is my other passion.  As lots of you know, I love to make playlists.  I secretly want to be a Radio DJ.  I often attend live music shows.

Something not many people know about you: I have a very mellow side.  I read a lot, practice walking meditation, and am certified in REIKI.

Hidden talent: I studied traditional Chinese Kung Fu for many years.  I've competed in many tournaments, and have made it to TWO World Championships.

Mantra: "Move and be Moved!"

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Instructor Spotlight- Emily Henry!

Emily Henry

TRIBE is so lucky to have found Emily, who brings a ton of intensity to her Power Reformer and Reformer Pilates classes alike. On Sundays, you can even have the pleasure of taking one of her phenomenal yoga classes. Emily fell in love with Pilates while she lived in Los Angeles for the past 2 years and continued studying with classical teachers to start her rehab path. Her education has an emphasis on therapeutics, and functional movement in both yoga and Pilates. She’s passionate about breath, anatomy, alignment, and anything related to wellness- both mind and body.

Originally from: LA, Cali 

Currently live: Issaquah, WA

Everything you teach (are certified in): Yoga and Pilates

When/where did you first discover Pilates?: I discovered Pilates in LA. I loved working-out at this local studio near my home, it had a strong community, the instructors were fabulous, and the owner was inspiring! So began my love for Pilates, which was relatively recently, in 2013!

Favorite past time: My favorite past time is walking to coffee with my pack. 

Hobbies: Hiking, camping, photography, trying out new ways to sweat! 

Family/pets: Soon to be husband, Kevin, Clover (labradoodle), Pumpkin (small, rescue mutt), and our two black cats, Toby and Pepper.

Hidden talent: Hummmm.... I'm a little bit of a green thumb and I really love to bake (GF, SF). 

Something not many people know about you: Before switching careers to the world of fitness, I was a banker for 10 years. 

Mantra: "May I be happy. May I feel loved. May I be healthy. May I be filled with kindness." 

Anything else you might want Tribe members to know about you: I am honored to be part of people's wellness journey!! I'm a big fan of modifications, and having a community to support each other's goals! Let's do this!  

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Earning Perkville Points for every class you take at TRIBE is just one of the benefits of belonging. Now that’s about to get even better.
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we want to extend a huge THANK YOU for making our TRIBE what it is. For the next week only, we’ll be offering DOUBLE PERKVILLE POINTS for the following classes:
Monday November 21 – Friday November 25
8AM, 12PM, 3:30PM, 4:30PM, and 7:30PM
Simply book the class and attend, then we’ll automatically put double points in your account redeemable for discounted and free merchandise and classes.
Click here to choose your class and start earning!

Have a wonderful weekend, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
Your TRIBE Team


Our New TRIBE App is LIVE!

We have a brand spanking new app ready to download! If you already have the LAB5 app on your iPhone, it will automatically be available for updating. If you have an android, you will need to get the new app in your app store. Check it out!!



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Instructor Spotlight- Rachael Mauney!

Ashleigh Blore
Rachael is our newest Power BARRE instructor, and integrates her extensive dance and fitness background into each fun and challenging class.

Rachael is a professional contemporary dancer and fitness instructor who has relocated to Seattle from Washington, D.C. She is currently working as a freelance artist and performs and does choreography in addition to teaching barre.

Rachael is also passionate about yoga, feminism, and traveling. She loves traveling and meeting new people from all over the world. She is so excited to be in Seattle and to engage with the people at TRIBE Fitness!

Don't miss her Power BARRE class Mondays at 7am!

Originally from: North Carolina

Currently live: Seattle, North Beacon Hill

Other job(s)?: Freelance contemporary dance artist/choreographer

When/where did you first discover Barre: After college, I realized that dancing professionally required more maintenance than technique class and rehearsal alone. Pilates and yoga were my first practices and totally changed the way I live in my body. Barre followed that as way to combine my dance training with fitness.

Favorite class you teach: Power Barre!

Favorite past time: Traveling/exploring

Hobbies: Reading, swimming, social activism

Hidden talent: Baking! I don't do it often unfortunately, but I'm pretty good at it when I get inspired.

Something not many people know about you: Pisces is my sun sign

Mantra: Keep your heart and your mind wide open.

Anything else you might want the Tribe members to know about you: I love encouraging people to feel more comfortable and bolder in their bodies. Teaching is something I'm very passionate about and I love questions and connections. Empowering people to love and own their bodies is my primary goal in teaching.

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Instructor Spotlight- Marlys Yvonne!


*New Power Reformer Lite Class time: Tuesday/Thursday 12pm!

Since her first day at TRIBE last year, Marlys has quickly become a client favorite. Her methodical and technical approach guarantees a challenge in all of her classes, from Tone & Stretch to Power Reformer. She is on the schedule 4 days a week, but be sure to sign up ahead of time! Her classes tend to fill up quickly!

Originally from: Baltimore, Maryland

Currently live: Capitol Hill, Seattle

Everything you teach (are certified in): 
Traditional Reformer, Mat, and equipment Pilates, Power Reformer, Barre

Other job(s)?: Art producer, performer/dancer, curator

When/where did you first discover Pilates?: 
When I was dancing in San Francisco - I got fractured a rib and was told to stay still + lay down for up to 2 months.... my Physical Therapist suggested Pilates. It was the only thing that allowed me to recover and actually come back to dancing stronger than I was before.

Favorite class you teach: 
Reformer Pilates - it's a classic for a reason. 2nd favorite is Power - I like to push clients to their max. 

Favorite past time: 
Long walks, reading, exploring my surroundings

None currently - all of my hobbies have become part of my job(s). I'm an all-in kind of person ...

Something not many people know about you: 
My dad is a musician and instrument maker in Canada, I have my own tune called Marlys Norman's Reel. 

Mantra: "Create + Discover"

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Open House Raffle Winners and Pics!

We hope you had the opportunity to stop by TRIBE a couple weekends ago for our Open House. Lots of members (and potential TRIBE members) took advantage of our day of free classes, an amazing DJ, and to check out what we have to offer. A big CONGRATULATIONS to the raffle winners, who went home with some great prizes:

Simone Loban                     Free Unlimited Month TRIBE membership (Grand Prize Winner!)

Alex Kalinin                        $50 Gift Certificate to Jimmy's on Broadway

Eric (& Lanlalit) Nicolai      Bejeweled on Pier 55 Gift bag

Katherine Logan                 Lorna Jane Gift Bag

Leann Sanders                    Gift Cards to Joe Bar totaling $25

We feel beyond lucky to have you all as members! Looking forward to many more fun days at TRIBE with y'all!






Instructor Spotlight- James Dorfer!


TRIBE is so happy to introduce our newest instructor, James! He is a brand new Seattle-ite, coming to us from Los Angeles. His classes are equal parts fun and torture, with some dry humor sprinkled in. :) You don't want miss him, Wednesday nights at 6:30pm (Reformer Pilates) and 7:30 pm (Tone and Stretch), starting 11/2/16!

Originally from: Ft Lauderdale

Currently live: Cap Hill

Everything you teach (are certified in):
Pilates, myofascial rolling, massage therapist. Apprentice for antigravity yoga.

How did you first discover Pilates?: Somehow I started dancing at 22. The university I was at suggested I take their conditioning class which was a fusion of Pilates, Gyrotonics, and Ballet floor work

Favorite class you teach: Reformer Pilates

Favorite past time: I have this thought that sleep is America's favorite pastime and not baseball. For me it's Volleyball (but sleep is a close second)

Hobbies: Reading, Board Games, Dancing, just staying active

Hidden talent: I can crack my fingers really quickly

Something not many people know about you: I once had hair.

Mantra: "Breaking down movement to their simplest form can be very challenging work...but well worth it." 

Anything else you might want the Tribe members to know about you: I'm a fun and jovial anatomy nerd that will make you work!