Geraldine Violet

Born in Argentina. Her family moved back and forth from South to Central America while growing up. Traveling, and living indifferent places, and learning about different cultures eventually became a way of life for Geraldine. She moved to the US in 2008. And has been living in Washington since late 2012.

Violet started her yoga practice nearly two decades ago. She studied movement as a full time dancer for years before yoga came into her life. The connection with yoga was an immediate one, a natural progression that blossomed into a long companion.

Her deeper exploration of asana studies led her to become a 200-hr certified instructor.

She enjoys mixing elements from other disciplines into yoga. Her intention is to create an open space for people to feel comfortable and connect breath, body, and mind. Geraldine wishes to share the benefits she has learned over the years, so people can feel balanced, strong, and present in their lives.

Violet teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Restoratives, Yin, Meditation, Total Body Conditioning classes, Pilates, Barre, Kickboxing, Circuit training, HIIT, Bootcamp, and Private specialized sessions.

Geraldine Violet instructs the following:
  • HiiT Cardio
  • HiiT class will be sweaty, challenging, exciting and FUN. This class will start with a dynamic warm up, followed by an ideal mix of strength and conditioning moves interspersed with cardio bursts (aerobic and anaerobic). Each burst will target different parts of the body, and because of the Tabata timing, it makes it easier to push yourself as hard as possible for 20 seconds.

  • Strong and Lean
  • Strong and Lean is an exciting class that is specifically programmed to increase your strength and cardiovascular fitness. We start with strength-specific programming, progressively training fundamental movements: Squat, Deadlift, Pressing and Pulling in various angles. We finish with higher intensity sets of a variety of movements and cool fitness implements including kettlebells, TRX, and medicine balls to to build your aerobic work capacity. It can be tough, but everyone can do this, and the results will be true strength, and a lean, highly functional, athletic body. Sneakers recommended.