Tabata/TRX Fusion

This class is taught by:

Jaina Cole

Methods: TRX, Tabata, Personal Training
Jaina has over three years experience working one on one with clients as well as large group TRX training classes. She holds a national certification and is TRX level 1 and 2 trained. She keeps her sessions interesting by bringing in sand bags, kettle bells, rip trainers, ropes and much more. She has a passion for helping her clients achieve their goals in a fun and respectful manner while building confidence in their abilities.

Known as a good listener, it's very important to her to hear her client's concerns and goals. Whether the goal is to lose a few pounds or much more, or issues with chronic pain or injuries, Jaina can modify work outs and accommodate needs. She works out daily using a wide variety of activities including: Crossfit, kick boxing, running, biking and weight lifting. She is a Seattle native and in her spare time volunteers with a local dog rescue.

Tabata is a proven effective and demanding method of interval training that can seriously supercharge any TRX workout.

Our Tabata TRX class is a full-body workout that uses your body weight, TRX resistance-training straps, sand bags, kettlebells, a rip trainer (an innovative resistance cord system that creates a variable, unbalanced load, enabling you to develop core strength, explosive power, flexibility and endurance) and dumbbells to maximize muscle strength and get your heart rate up and running royally.

Tabata TRX is high-intensity interval training, friends, and it follows a very specific format: 20 seconds of super-high intensity exercise (think sprints), followed by ten seconds of rest, then repeating eight times, all in a total of four minutes. Yeah, it’s hard work, but hard work makes for a harder, happier camper.

So…who’s in?

Sneakers recommended.